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How to install shower base
It is surprising that the traditional masonry construction of a shower base still beats the more modern methods used for construction of shower bases. It is essential that you get it right and ensure that you are doing the right thing so that you can avoid a terrible and an expensive mess. To ensure that you are on the right path, there are a couple of tips that can really help you a lot. One of the things that you will need to consider is the liner membrane of the shower pan. In most cases, shower floors usually lick due to the grout not being waterproof and most tiles are not as well. It is of paramount importance that you build a barrier that is waterproof for your shower base. In most cases, this will be a vinyl sheet where the water will be stopping. Next, it is of paramount importance that you slope the base or initial masonry layer for that matter. Sloping of the base layer helps a lot in ensuring that the water moves to the drain. Also, experts will also tell you that all drains used in the shower base are not the same. Normally, tile shower drains usually work on 2 layers and while one of the layers is seen from the floor the shower, the other one is usually buried deep down in the floor’s mortar. This one plays a very crucial role of catching the water which finds its way to the membrane. It is essential that you hire a well experienced and knowledgeable person to install the shower pan for you to ensure that everything is done properly. With proper construction, you can rest assured that your shower pan will certainly serve you well. You are going to reap the full benefits of having a properly constructed and installed shower pan.  

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