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The Swanstone shower pan is engineered in a way that it can't allow mold or mildew to ever grow on it while assuring you topnotch performance and functionality at all times. How Swanstone has managed to create such an outstanding shower pan has always been a great mystery to many people. However, the most satisfying thing is that the last thing you will ever need to worry about is to have to scrap the annoying mildew or mold off your tube anymore. The grout lines are a notorious place when it comes to gathering of mildew but Swanstone has been able to design their shower pan in a way that no grout lines exist. As far as the Swanstone shower pan is concerned, the shower wall and solid base which line your shower walls are usually one continuous piece placed on each wall. The manufacturer has only placed some few silicone lines for keeping off the water travelling below the panels to ensure that the wood frame underneath isn't damaged. As such, these are just the areas which you need to regularly to ensure that mildew doesn't form on the pan. Most people are also highly thrilled with the straightforward and simple guarantee availed by Swanstone shower pan. They give an assurance to customers that provided the pan is installed professionally and their simple instructions followed to the letter, you can be sure that it won't leak. Maintaining the shower pan is also an incredibly simple thing and you can be sure that it won't give you any sort of nightmares. If the shower pan is scratched, sandpaper can be used for removing the scratches and you can be sure that the job will be done in the best way possible. If you are looking for the top rated shower pan, you can be sure that Swanstone is a brand that comes next to none.  

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