Simple steps to install or replace your stand up shower pan

stand up shower pan in brown
Some very important points you need to consider when installing stand up shower pan will be looked into below for the benefit of those who prefer to get such installed by themselves. However, you can always employ experts in the field in the event you are confused on how to get the installation done. It is always a great idea to get things done by yourself since it will avail you the opportunity of learning new things and develop your instruction-following ability.  Replacement can become inevitable especially if the shower pan starts leaking. The shower pan helps prevent water from leaking on to the floor of the home and this makes it very important. Age is a factor that can cause the stand up shower pan to leak. The lead on many of the olden days pans do deteriorate and this gives in to leakage. It is very important that you consult an expert who can bring his or her experience to bear on the faulty shower pan.  If you commit any error in the process of installing the shower pan, you may live to regret it.
  • The floor must be clean and not contain any pebble or large granules; these can create some holes in the shower pan as the years roll by.
  • Ensure you get the shower pan folded high enough.
  • While screwing or nailing the shower pan, do not place the nails too low right on the pan as this may cause damages later on.
  • Aside the above, you should also ensure you get the shower pan liner properly glued this helps prevent any leakage and ensures the shower pan stays in place for a very long time.
  • After the stand up shower pan had been installed, it should be tested or checked for leaks. The pretest helps to detect any installation error and such can be corrected before the tiles are put in place.

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