Portable shower stall and how to use it

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The portable shower stall can be used in any place in your home and they are highly effective, simple in the usage and low cost. With this type of shower, you will be able to save enough money and you will not have to remodel the plumbing system and the bathroom.  The shower stalls do not have to be fastened to the walls or floors. You do not also have to get the building permits to install this type of shower. With wrenches and screwdriver, the shower stall may be assembled in only 90 minutes and there is no need to have a skilled person. The showering may be done in the privacy of a bedroom and this increases the self esteem and dignity of the person especially if he is sick.  A person can be put into the shower without too much efforts and this reduces the strained muscles and backaches on the part of the caregiver. When a person uses the portable shower stall, the showering can be done on regular basis and this eliminates the cases of having unclean body. When someone moves to a new area, then the shower stall may also be moved. The choice of the shower stalls is unlimited and there are some showers that have been designed for the people who have certain types of handicap. The portable shower stall may include paneling and they can blend into the furnishings of the room. The safety-belt on the chest offers the safety and more belts may be added. In the shower, cold or hot faucet can be added on the shower hose. On the hose, there is the shower head that has an off or an on valve. The shower head may be placed at a holder or it may be hand held. There are four ways that the water can be brought into the shower but a plumber is not needed.  The shower stall comes with the automatic drain pump that takes the water away as a person showers.  

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