Installing bathroom fans as shower stall inserts

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A bathroom extractor fan is the only way to solve your moisture problem after you take a shower and it is easier to install than you would think hence considered one of the best shower stall inserts for your bathroom. This is because that extra humidity that has nowhere to go apart from remains in the air, causes mold, mildew and will make your wood moldings and cabinets rot as well as the repulsive smell that you continually have to deal with over time. These types of fans significantly improve your bathroom environment thereby making you more comfortable. Incredibly you can easily get and fix the shower stall inserts on your own as long as you have the right equipment with you. You will need an, drill bits ducting, electrical wiring, ladder, hacksaw, wire strippers, knife, plywood, hammer drill, gloves switch, hammer, goggles, screwdriver, pencil extractor fan and saw. The fan will be mounted as elevated as possible, therefore in order for it to work efficiently, try and have it 1.8 meters above the floor or more. It should be installed close to the moisture source and not close to the door. Using a cable detector, check the cables. This tool will tell you where wires in your wall or ceiling are located; therefore you won't sever any wires unintentionally. Using a template mark the hole on your wall. It makes cutting the hole somewhat straight forward. The first step is to drill into your marked hole, then using a hammer, you drill around the perimeter. A hole cutter is also handy for doing this. By use of a hammer and a chisel, chip away at the debris from the hole and any uneven parts should be smoothed out by use of a finer chisel. When fitting the ducting in the hole, it should be flush to the wall sloping in a descending direction facing the ground outside. This is how easy it is to install some of these shower stall inserts in the bathroom.  

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