Hints on installing tiles in bathroom shower unit

bathroom shower unit in white
The bathroom shower unit is very important and serious consideration should be given to it when designing the home. Every part should be carefully laid to ensure it is able to fulfill its purpose to the fullest. The bathroom is your refreshment room and it should be made as presentable and welcoming as possible. Every part of the bathroom unit should radiate homeliness and the way you lay the tiles in the unit can go a long way to determine how much satisfaction you get from the unit.  This simple write up will give you some helpful hints on how to lay the tiles in the bathroom to make it highly welcoming and functional. Make sure you always install the tiles in the bathroom shower unit indirect accordance to the dictates of the manufacturer of such tiles. While carrying out the installation, make sure you get a vapor barrier installed as well as this helps to prevent mildews and mould from growing. While carrying out the installation, ensure you make use of  real sturdy cement or sealant,  make sure the  tiles are properly spaced ensure the tile lips flush with the cement board make sure only 100% silicone caulk is used in sealing the seams in between the tiles. Before you apply mortar to the cement board, get it dampened first so that the cement can stick to the board. It is not right to apply excess mortar to the back, make sure you restrict yourself to very thin layer of mortar. The best way to start placing tiles on the bathroom shower unit is to place the very first one at the very center of the wall. Subsequent tiles can now be placed on either side of the first one. This will help centralize the tiles. Press each tile against the mortar background and remove any excess mortar. Spacers should be used carefully between each of the tiles you lay.  

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