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The corian shower pan comes with a large plethora of advantages which makes it one of the most popular types of shower bases available today. Choosing a shower pan might not be most important thing when you are undertaking a bathroom remodeling project. However, it is essential that you make the best choice possible since the pan lays the foundation of your bathroom and you will need to be very careful not to go wrong. The corian shower base is among the top quality options worthy consideration and comes with many benefits that you will certainly be certified with. One of the main advantages that come with the corian shower pan is the low maintenance requirements. Since the pan is essential one solid unit, this means that you won't be hassling with grout joints that can make things a little bit hard for you. Also, you will certainly be thrilled with the fact that these shower pans are able to accommodate any design. These are reputed as the most flexible types of shower pans available on the market that can accommodate odd shaped, curved or angled glass shower enclosures. No matter what your preferences of a shower pan are, you can rest assured that you will never go wrong with corian brand. And to make things even much better, corian shower pan is waterproof and the solid surface base is very durable and features no seams which makes it a waterproof solution. There are different curb options provided by this shower pan to choose from considering that the level of mobility is different among people. The presence of more curb options makes it possible to create a much safer showering environment. Another advantage is that there is no finishing material that is required over the base and this means that you don't have to worry about the additional costs when you are remodeling your bathroom.      

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