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Elderly persons and those with disability are more vulnerable to injuries and accidents. Slippery shower stalls are among the most frequent causes of accidental injuries at home. ADA shower stall is designed to ensure that such accidents are prevented by minimizing the likelihood of the user being injured in the course of using the bathroom. Americans with Disabilities Act requires that shower stalls are designed in a way that they comply to the provisions of this act. In this regard, homeowners should consider installing ADA grab bars, shower pans, faucets, enclosure, shower heads and bench. It is possible to buy the common shower stall and make it ADA complaint. Besides this, one can also buy ADA shower stall which is designed in a way that it complies to the act and this is essentially the better option. The grab bars are for example very important as they give the disabled persons and elderly something for holding onto when they are using the shower. In case the person slips, the grab bars prevents the necessary support and the grab bars should be fixed vertically and horizontally. These grab bars need to be fixed securely on the walls and ADA guidelines should be followed to ensure that the height they are fixed in is suitable and in a manner that the weight of the disabled family member will be supported adequately. The enclosure offers the much needed privacy when taking a shower and also contains water to showering area. The space is usually a major concern during the installation of the enclosure and according to ADA shower stall compliant provisions, the enclosure shouldn’t form any barrier to elderly or disabled persons particularly those who are confined on a wheel chair. Sufficient space should be provided in the shower room to ensure that a wheel chair is capable of moving around when the person is using the shower.  

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